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Варшавская/Монреальская Конвенция

The Warszaw Convention is an international convention which regulates liability for international carriage of persons luggage or goods performed by aircraft for reward.


Originally signed in 1929 in Warszaw (hence the name) it was amended in 1955 at the Hague and in 1975 in Montreal.


In particular, the Warszaw Convention:


Mandates carriers to issue passenger tickets, requires carrier to issue baggage checks for checked luggage and limits the carriers liability to 17 SDR per kilogram for checked luggage and cargo.


The Warszaw Convention governs the international carriage of goods by aircraft for hire or reward when the place of departure and place of destination are both situated in the territory which are parties to the convention.


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The carrier is liable for loss, damage or delay to the goods while they are in his charge in an airport or on board an aircraft. However, is it possible for the carrier to exclude loss, or damage resulting from inherent vise etc.